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Integration & Cultural Diversity

German-Africa-flag180The vital and enriching role of diversity in all modern societies, irrespective of the challenges it poses cannot be overemphasized. The idea of multiculturalism is increasingly being accepted as a reality in Germany. As Germany shifts from a culturally homogenous nation to a more open society shaped by immigration, the question now is, how do we as a society respond to the cultural and religious differences which are manifest in a new multicultural Germany?

In recent years, African - Germans are increasingly becoming a prominent part of the new pluralistic Germany. This is very visible in the areas of sports, music, entertainment and even lately, in politics. The reality is that while few African - Germans have successfully integrated themselves into their new country, most have not. Most live in the so called ‘parallel world’ with poor prospect of a decent education, good paying job and vocation advancement.

To avoid the mistakes of other migrate communities in Germany, the German-Africa Insight (GAI) e.V,through our projects and programs on Cultural Diversity and Integration address issues of adaptation or assimilation of African-Germans in the German society. Key to this process is education, and taking part in German social, economic and political life.