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Development and co-operation

Technologies and innovative adaptations have significant potential in militating against poverty. As a country with one of the most advance economy and innovative industry, Germany is a world leader in machinery, health care management and lately in Green- renewable energy technology.

Most communities in Africa need access to advance technologies to mitigate the impact of poverty caused mostly by ineffective management recourses and climate change.

An effective management of natural resources would not only result in new economic opportunities for the communities in Africa, it would provide significant benefits by expanding equity and a cleaner environment for all. German-Africa Insight (GAI) e.V in collaboration with a network of innovative German companies, research institutions, donors, and volunteers undertakes assessments of specific needs of communities in Africa. The aim is to build a network that engages various stakeholders in sharing knowledge, best practices, and foster technology transfer, collaboration for technical innovation, adaptation and implementation.

Our present projects are focused on building capacity in Africa in areas of sustainable and renewable energy and finding suitable cost effective solutions adaptable to meet the need of the local communities and circumstances. This includes methods to promote sustainable building practices, micro waste management and clean energy generation.