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Conflict Resolution

Although we live in world dominated by economic and military powers, no one of these nations can expect to prosper and live in peace in isolation from other nations no matter how small or weak they may be. We live in an inter-dependent world, especially when viewed in terms of natural resources and climate. The use and management of these resources in one part of the globe has predicted as well as unpredicted consequences in other parts of the globe. This reality is stark when viewed within the Africa context. The multiple conflicts in Africa, resulting to political, social and economic instability is having a catastrophic consequence not only for the counties in Africa but also for other counties in other parts of the world. Some of these tragic consequences include; uncontrolled immigration of Africans to Europe, external intervention in Africa by colonial and world powers as well as the increase in terrorism.

 For this reason, although the political, social and economic problem facing Africa must be solved by Africans themselves, Africa’s problems should be examined in an international context. As a country with one of the most stable political, social and economic systems, Germany should be a role model for democratically emerging African countries.

German-Africa Insight (GAI) e.V promotes community integrated development conflict resolution through workshops and seminars that is tailored to addressing specific community development, peace building, conflict prevention and building stable democratic structures in Africa.